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Marketing and Branding

12.1.1    Rates must be packaged and extended on the understanding that the Resort will be featured in promotional brochures/flyers and online distribution, both pictorially and editorially;
12.1.2    Images used to promote the Resort via brochures or online must be approved and signed off by the resort management. Images used must be the same as images and quality posted on the Leonardo website.;
12.1.3    All relevant information in this contract must be reflected accurately in the wholesaler’s brochure and website;
12.1.4    Internet Keyword Marketing. The wholesaler shall not bid on or purchase internet placement rights for any of the Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu trademarks or use any of the Warwick Hotel & Resorts trade marks in any manner in any of its advertising, including but not limited to Internet and web advertising, without the prior written consent of the Resort.
12.1.5    Brand Loyal Marketing and Onward Distribution. The wholesaler shall not target, solicit or otherwise make use of any data to offer business related to other hotels to Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu - brand loyal customers (i.e. customers expressing a preference for Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu brand). Unpublished rates are offered by the Resort expressly and solely for the wholesaler use. The offering or distribution of unpublished rates or any other data or information provided by the Resort under these terms and conditions, through any internet site or global distribution system booking sites, is prohibited, except to the extent that the wholesaler has obtained the prior written consent of the Resort to such re-distribution.
12.1.6    Predatory Advertising. The wholesaler shall not use and shall prohibit all web sites within its control from using any predatory advertising methods designed to generate traffic from Warwick Le Lagon - Vanuatu sites (or any other sites that exclusively promote Warwick Hotel & Resorts brands). A predatory advertising method is an advertising method that creates or overlays links or banners on web sites, spawns’ browser windows, or utilizes any other method to generate traffic from a web site without that web site owner’s knowledge, permission, and participation.  
12.1.7    The Resort will not take responsibility for any inaccurate rates, information or terms & conditions posted on wholesaler’s websites; and
12.1.8    The Resort must be featured as a 4.5 Star Resort.