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Warwick Le Crystal – Montreal  History

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Discover the DNA of Warwick Le Crystal - Montreal deeply rooted in the heart of Montreal

The Warwick Le Crystal - Montreal combines the excellence of a boutique hotel with a refinement that sets it apart from other hotels, along with well-appointed residences. When the hotel officially opened its doors in 2008, then known as "Hotel le Crystal," it became one of the first independent condo-hotels of its kind in Montreal.

In 2023, the Warwick Hotels collection decides to make its debut on Canadian soil with the arrival of the Warwick Le Crystal - Montreal, the first hotel in Canada from the Warwick collection. It's a new beginning that promises to uphold the hotel's strong reputation in downtown Montreal, as one of the most iconic boutique hotels in Quebec, thanks to a team committed to its success.

Indoor pool with lounging area at Warwick Le Crystal
Open bar area with customers at Warwick Le Crystal