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Our History

Learn more about our historic hotel in central Paris

Originally built in 1807 on the famed Rue de la Paix in Paris, the Hotel Westminster has witnessed extraordinary changes throughout the last two centuries, whilst retaining an authentic regal and Parisian feel. 

Named in honor of the Duke of Westminster and his patronage to the hotel during the 19th century, the Westminster is decorated with his coat of arms ever so discreetly. Other noteworthy visitors include the Princess Kotschoubey, Royal Highness Louise of Belgium and the Duchess of Villanda. 

In 1877 the hotel began construction under the direction of architect A. Gautier. Its appearance and façade remain the same today and bears Gautier’s signature features. The hotel also features a rare assembly of antique clocks in its rooms and suites from the 1920s. Since Warwick Hotels and Resorts acquired the hotel in 1981, it has been our mission to preserve the legacy of this Parisian landmark. Today, Hotel Westminster flourishes as a jewel in central Paris, whilst maintaining its high service levels and rich history.

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