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With roots stretching back to approximately 3000 years ago, Ehden is a town steeped in history with ancient temple ruins and churches that date back hundreds of years, including the church of Saint Mamas built in 749 A.D. Well worth visiting are the monasteries and churches hewn out of the side of the valley, in particular the Monastery of St Anthony with the first printing press in the Middle East. Today, Ehden is a hub of leisure in Lebanon, with many escaping the summer heat in the forests of Horsh Ehden or flocking to the Cedars Mountains ski slopes in winter. Known for its restaurants, resort hotels, festivals, galleries and other entertainment attractions, as well as natural beauty, Ehden draws visitors from all over the world.

Our Warwick Hotel

Mountain views, verdant forests, and easy access for exploring all the culture and history that this part of Lebanon is famed for, The Mist Hotel & Spa by Warwick is the perfect choice of Ehden accommodation. Discover our location minutes from Host Ehden nature reserve and the Cedars of God forest, as well as the charming Al Midan square with its choice of vibrant bars and restaurants.