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Warwick Cares Program


Warwick Hotels and Resorts (WHR) is committed during the COVID-19 health crisis to follow the health and safety guidelines and best practices for the hotel industry in accordance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, and the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Customers should review government guidance to confirm eligibility to travel and to stay at the hotel.
Latest updates are available here

These new initiatives on hotel cleaning practice, social interactions, and workplace protocol will ensure transparency throughout our guest’s journey. Our approach with enhanced protocols, policies, procedures and training are designed to provide peace of mind to both our guests and staff members.

Face covering

The mask is mandatory in the Hotel’s public areas except when people are seated at their tables in the Restaurant/Bar and of course in their rooms.

Wearing a mask will also be mandatory:

  • in markets, fairgrounds;
  • in shopping streets and any private or public place with high traffic, as defined by local authorities;
  • in all public buildings for parts accessible to the public;
  • in HoReCa establishments, except when people are seated at their tables.


Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in all other cases, especially in situations where the physical distances could not be respected.

Guest Arrival

  • When arriving at the hotel, our guests will be dropped off at 5, rue Duquesnoy, 1000 Brussels. If the guest has their own transportation, hotel parking will be located on the right of the hotel entrance. If there is a line (queue) on the front drive, we recommend each guest practice social distancing and remain at least six feet away from other groups or people not traveling with them. 
  • If the guest is in need of assistance with luggage, the hotel team will handle the request with gloves and other appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Each bell cart will be sanitized between guests.
  • Entry to the hotel will be clearly marked for appropriate social distancing, and where possible, encourage a one-way guest flow.



Guests can choose between Valet Parking or Self-Parking. 

  • Hotel has an onsite parking lot, which the guest can use for self-parking. Fees associated with parking are listed below:
    •     Daily
    •     Overnight

Reception / Front Desk

  • Signs within the lobby will clearly mark the appropriate path to the reception desk to include place holders to encourage one-way guest flow and social distancing between guest in line (queue).
  • To minimize opportunity for gathering at the elevator, we will assign lower floor rooms prior to moving to higher floors. All room keys prior to being provided to our guests will be completely sanitized and out of circulation for a minimum of 24 hours. 
  • During the check in process:
    •      Each guest will be asked for their email address with consent allowing us to electronically provide hotel receipts.
    •      Credit Card authorization and Express Check Out forms will be completed to minimize interaction with our guests. 
  • Prior to departure, the hotel will reach out to our guest regarding expected departure time allowing the hotel to confirm transportation needs and minimizing gathering on the front drive. 


  • In an effort to minimize gathering around elevators but based on the room category, we will be assigning rooms on lower floors first allowing for use of stairs as an alternative. Within the elevator we will provide instructions minimizing contact to include: signage, use of hand sanitizer, tissues used to press the elevator control button and designated areas for standing.


  • We have adopted a policy of “keep right” in the hallways for guests and staff to minimize interaction.
  • Within the guest room, we have enhanced and thorough cleaning protocols including a 24 hour waiting period between guests. All linens and high touch areas have been thoroughly cleaned with chemicals aimed at COVID-19 prevention. 
  • Housekeeping services have been modified for guest staying more than 1 night including the suspension of daily cleaning (rooms will be closed upon check out) unless specifically requested by our guests to minimize interaction.
  • We have removed unnecessary items for each guest room to avoid high touch surfaces, and some of the high touch items will be available upon request at reception and will be single use as compared to our traditional standards. 
  • Coffee machines or kettles will be available in guest rooms, and all requested amenities will be placed outside guest room door upon request.

Food and Beverage

  • Our restaurant Chutneys is temporarily closed  but food and beverage options are available 24/7 through our room service, with a tailor-made card providing plenty of exquisite cold and hot dishes.
  • Food delivery by outside parties including delivery services, must adhere to Warwick Hotels and Resort policy including designated pick up areas for the guest to meet delivery service. 



  • Fitness Centre – To minimize interaction, we will allow only limited guests in our fitness centre at one time and reservations must be made prior to using the facility to allow for additional cleaning by our staff, and managing time allocation between visits. 
  • Sauna - To minimize interaction, we will allow only limited guests in our Sauna facilities at one time and reservations must be made prior to using the Sauna.

Guest Laundry

  • Our Laundry service will remain available during this time period, and efforts have been made to ensure COVID-19 guidance is achieved. To use this service, Laundry bags will need to be requested by our guests and placed in front of the room door. Cleaned clothes will be dropped outside guest room upon request from the guest once they return to their room.