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As rich in culture as it is in beauty, Beirut, Lebanon, is a true gem of the Mediterranean. It has a distinctive blend of Old World charm and modern excitement that makes it a unique destination for relaxing vacations or adventurous getaways. Known for its idyllic climate throughout the year, Beirut is a true melting pot of cultures, where remnants of French Colonial character meet and meld with the Middle East. This juxtaposition of east and west is evident everywhere – walking among the vendors at Souk El Tayeb, Beirut’s first farmer's market, or while enjoying an aperitif or coffee and nargileh at a restaurants or boutique along Zaitunay Bay. Hotspots such as downtown Beirut, where the Warwick Palm Beach hotel is situated, offer buzzing restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping, whilst the upmarket Roma Mall, home to the Warwick Stone 55, is ideally situated between historic Downtown Beirut and Jounieh. Visitors explore the timeless character of the Beirut area at sites like the National Museum of Beirut, the Beirut Art Centre, the glowing Jeita Grotto or the rolling hills of Mzaar Kfardebian among other attractions. But aside from its historical prominence, the area buzzes with modern pleasantries. Shopping and dining downtown, world-class events at La Marina Dbayeh, modern excitement at Casino Du Liban, the slopes at Zaarour Ski Resort and expeditions through the lost city of Baalbek give visitors a true taste of Lebanon.

Our Warwick Hotel

Both the chic Warwick Palm Beach Hotel, with its central downtown Beirut location, and the luxurious 14-floor boutique business hotel Warwick Stone 55 offer an authentic taste of modern Beirut. Each hotel offers a unique and inviting locale that is within easy reach of the city’s attractions, making them ideal for independent travellers keen to experience the allure of Beirut.