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Situated along the North West Province of South Africa, the natural paradise of Rustenburg epitomises South Africa in its truest form. Vast grasslands and wetlands are home to an eclectic group of indigenous wildlife ranging from giraffes, zebras, exotic birds and even pygmy hippos. Moreover, it is near Sun City, South Africa, one of the most luxurious destinations in Africa with a variety of casinos, restaurants and modern attractions. Kedar Heritage Lodge, Conference Centre & Spa is perfectly situated for anything from a casual South African vacation to a company retreat, located 30 minutes from both Rustenburg and Sun City. Built on a section of Boekenhoutfontein, the historic farm that once belonged to President Paul Kruger, this luxurious resort offers an authentic taste of South Africa to all of its visitors.

Our Warwick Hotel

Kedar Heritage Lodge, Conference Centre & Spa is a historic lodge situated near Rustenberg that offers visitors a true African experience in a luxurious setting. Boasting an extensive range of facilities, exceptional accommodation and top-quality services, Kedar Heritage Lodge, Conference Centre & Spa promises visitors an idyllic escape from everyday life in a beautiful setting like no other.