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Young athletes cheering excitedly at the feet of the Tower Eiffel near Hôtel Westminster - Paris
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Be part of history: stay at one of Warwick’s Hotels for the Paris Olympics 2024

Stay in the heart of Paris when the city hosts the 2024 Olympics with Warwick Hotels. The groundbreaking summer event is set to shatter world records, bringing the Games to the streets and public parks of Paris. Paris’ unique approach to hosting the Games away from traditional stadiums and out in the open means everyone will be a part of this epic event. Play your part with a stay at one of Warwick Hotels in Paris, be centrally located, and witness history as the greatest show on Earth as it opens on the Seine.

The Olympic Torch and Eiffel Tower in the background near Hôtel Westminster - Paris
Digital representation of the Olympic Torch at Hôtel Westminster - Paris
Colorful illustration of different Olympic disciplines at Hôtel Westminster - Paris

Warwick Paris, the perfect hotel in Champs-Élysées for the Olympic Games


Enjoy the buzzing energy of the Grand Palais, host of the Olympic fencing and taekwondo competitions, at the classic Warwick Paris Hotel. The Warwick Paris Hotel is located in the central 8th arrondissement near the gorgeous storefronts of the historic Champs-Élysées Avenue. Featuring cozy and inviting interiors with pleasant views overlooking the courtyard or the busy Berri Street, the Warwick Paris serves as an ideal starting point for your quintessential Parisian adventure.


You can hop aboard the nearby Paris Métro for swift access to these revolutionary Paris-hosted games. Tickets go on sale in blocks on the official Paris Olympics platform, so jump at the chance now so that you don’t miss out. On the day of the games, you can start or end your Olympics adventures at the Warwick Paris’ top-floor Le W Restaurant, home to French classical flavors and inspired cocktails. Book a romantic and relaxing stay at the Warwick Paris Hotel to experience the universal energy of the Games the Parisian way.


Hotel Westminster, your luxury hotel in Paris for the Olympics 2024


Enjoy a stay worthy of royalty during the Olympics at Hotel Westminster in the heart of Quartier de l'Opéra. With soothing Grand Siècle-inspired rooms, you'll be greeted by marble mantelpieces, opulent furnishings, and shimmering crystal. The refined and historic interiors were founded in the 19th century and became a favorite of Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster. Enjoy this slice of celebrated luxury along the Rue de la Paix as you experience the historic moments of the 2024 Games.


What a stunning location to begin your Parisian Olympics adventure! Hotel Westminster is the perfect base for visiting La Concorde, the bustling center of the Olympics’ skateboarding and BMX events. Combine sightseeing with cheering as you stroll to the Louvre or watch world-class athletes ollie, air, and grind their boards and bikes. The hotel’s very own Duke’s Bar is a delightful spot to unwind afterward, with its cozy mahogany decor and relaxing music. And if you’re looking for a romantic evening, Hotel Westminster’s Le Céladon offers a typical Parisian gourmet menu with seasonal flavours.


Booking Your Ideal Hotel for the Paris 2024 Olympics


Get ready to experience the ultimate Olympic adventure, where the opening ceremony will see nations sailing down the Seine for the very first time by booking your stay at a Warwick Hotel. Guarantee a prime spot in the heart of the city, from the iconic boulevards of Champs-Élysées to Opéra’s splendid glitz. Book your stay now and let Warwick Hotels help you make a racing start to the Olympics.

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